Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our masonry heater

Well, we cranked up the three-ton masonry heater again last weekend. It was down to 55 degrees F inside and 20 degrees F outside, so we decided it might be time. It worked beautifully and we baked yams, hubert squash and biscuits as well. The slow cooking does a great job.
In these pictures, Linda is cutting scones from our first baking back in March.
Another image shows the kitchen side of the heater with its oven big enough for pizza.
The heater is ornamented with Mercer tile from the Moravian Tile Works in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The dragon has been a Loder badge for a long time.

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Prof Rob said...

Hi Wes,

Linda and I are at the point of considering a masonry furnace. Now that the snow is melting any chance we could come and visit sometime and discuss your furnace?

Robert Meyers