Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Castle: Almost Complete

Claire and Brandon enjoy the castle

The castle for the grandchildren is almost done and my other grandchildren, Claire and Brandon, got to see it for the first time today. Claire and Moses promptly settled in for a good time. Note the Loder arms and the date added above the drawbridge.
Moses and Claire on the battlements. No, the castle is not crooked. I just couldn't hold the camera level.
Brandon is not so sure and enjoys his Mommy's help on the drawbridge.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Roofing the Castle

Downstairs walls complete and the roofers came and finished the roof.

Moses Eastman examines the new south doors of the castle.
On the first of July, we finished the downstairs walls and the south double doors. The castle looks mostly done except for painting and caulking.

On Friday, July 8th, Terry Hartman's crew appeared and by noon they had finished the roof. The copper corners came from old gutters replaced on the Walnut Meadows barn.

Note that the Blassingames now have a flag to fly as well.
The three-man crew gets busy.
Placing the final shingles.
Cutting the copper for the window.
Securing the copper trim.
Finishing the peak.
The Castle's finished roof. Note the banner with white horse of the Blassingames

 A few odds and ends to finish up and the castle will be done. If you want to see a real play castle, check out what the Lowther Trust has built on the grounds of Lowther Castle <>. More later.