Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ganado, Arizona

We lived for two years in Ganado, Arizona, where I worked in the college's library. The College of Ganado is long gone, but the old mission compound continues. Two images from our stay there.
The edge of the roof of the old adobe dining hall, and Round Top, a local landmark, as seen from the college's horse corral. Both pictures taken using 35mm film and Nikons, although I am not sure at this point which model or lens.


Ben Shafer said...

great photo. I am interested in your time at Ganado College. When were you there? I am doing research on the organization (specifically the musical ensembles etc.) Just wondering if you have any insight.

Mike said...

Wes, I taught intro philosophy and worked in student affairs in 1989-81. Were you the librarian at TCOG then? I remember David Racki was also librarian then...is that you?
Mike Wilson (now living in Auckland New Zealand)