Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lovebirds in the Hemlock

Every spring and summer our hemlock tree becomes the perch of choice for our local pair of Red-tailed hawks. Usually we only see one at a time, but this morning the pair decided that being close was the best thing. They perched neck-to-neck for several minutes. Of course, by the time I had assembled and trained a long lens at them, they had moved apart. Still, the did not appear to be angry at each other. The smaller male is to the right in the picture.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New work out as Kindle ebook.

I have been watching as the ebook business continues to expand and have decided to give it a try. So, friends, you can now own Beetle: The Biography of a Virtual Girl in a Kindle edition for the price of 99¢!
Go to Amazon and look under "Beetle Loder" and you will find it quickly enough. Of course you do have to be able to read a Kindle electronic book to enjoy it…
Or link:
NOTE: Many people have the mistaken impression that you need a Kindle reader from Amazon to read a kindle book. This is not true. You can download the kindle reader as software for free to any modern PC, including Macintosh, Windows, or iOS devices such as the ipad or iphone. So help me out, and give this little story a try. I will post the sequel as soon as I have the right cover. [Sequel is up and available.]

Beetle is a virtual girl created by Jeff Whitehead, college senior with non-existent social skills. Only he has programmed her to look like an eleven-year-old in order to act as a babe-magnet so he can gain a suitable real girlfriend. Beetle tells the story of her successful efforts to do so, and the problems they all run into with interfering college administrators and an ex-boyfriend who won't give up. The closer Jeff and Annie get to each other, and the closer they get to graduation, the more desperate the violence-prone ex-boyfriend gets. Beetle does everything she can, but there is only so much a virtual person can do about a hammer or a gun when she can't touch anything.

There is a sequel, which I will also publish if enough people like the first book and request I do so. So, who will be the first to read? Who will be the first "friend" to give it a five-star review?
Please let me know what you think,