Thursday, February 19, 2009

Animals at the lodge

Hunting season is over, and our deer are getting bolder again. Sunday afternoon, eight came out of the lower woods and worked on the green weeds growing in the soybean field. This image was taken using a modern digital Nikon combined with a 250mm f4 Nikkor lens that dates back to 1959 and first saw use with a reflex housing and a rangefinder camera. Not bad for a lens that is probably 50 years old. If I'd used a tripod and didn't have a window in the way. the results would be even sharper.

Our Steinbock (Eurasian Ibex) had taken up residence in the passive solar home. He seems quite happy there, although I do not know what he thinks of the circle of light one window gives to the interior in the late afternoon sun.

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