Friday, January 16, 2009

LEGO return

I have been a big fan of LEGO ever since my own children were barely walking. At one time we had a train setup that took an entire room, allowing two trains to run simultaneously. Alas, time and space moved on. But this year, for the first time in over a dozen, I got the trains out and created a small setup. To my surprise, everything still works!

Here a Freight comes around the curve. Note the street lights, powered by transformers wired into the old 4.5 volt LEGO light fixtures.

A minifig team climbs a mountain. The rope leader is chopping ice out of a handhold. His teammate is providing belay.
The pesky Belville girls, including two Lassies in tartan, are once more invading minifig country. I loved to work in the Belville dollhouse scale, but it sure takes a lot of bricks.
Here is an overview of the south side of town. Note the traffic light.

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